ESMS Study visit scholarships - Are you willing to be a host?
The ESMS would like to increase the skills and knowledge of Mohs and micrographic surgery in different European countries and encourage knowledge exchange between countries. Therefore, we are introducing the ESMS Study visit scholarships. Please let us know if your center would be willing to host Mohs or micrographic surgeons, Dermatologists training to be Mohs or micrographic surgeons or lab technicians from abroad as observers for study visits of up to five days. We hope that many centers will offer this opportunity, thereby supporting Mohs and micrographic surgery in Europe and also profiting from such an international exchange. If you are willing to be a host, please send an email to our secretariat:

ESMS Study visit scholarships - Apply now!
The ESMS is now offering scholarships of up to €1,000* for members who are planning a study visit at a European Mohs or micrographic surgery center with a duration of up to 5 days. The funding can be used to cover costs for travel and accommodation. The application should include:

  • A brief motivational letter explaining the importance of the study visit and expected goals.
  • An invitation letter from the Mohs or micrographic surgery center including the planned study visit dates.


Deadline for application each year: 1st of March.

The ESMS board will choose up to 3 applications per year for this scholarship.
Please send your applications to

ESMS can help to facilitate contacts with centers willing to host.

* Please note that the scholarship money will be paid out to the awardee after receiving an expense reimbursement form including receipts from the study visit.