Tom Middelburg


Dermatologist, Mohs micrographic surgeon and trainer, MD, PhD


Mohs surgery, other non-Mohs micrographic surgery, reconstructive techniques



“Tom Middelburg is a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon (and Mohs trainer) from the Netherlands, practising in the tertiary hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand since 2016. He was trained as a dermatologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and finished his training in 2011. He also did his Mohs training there and continued to perform Mohs surgery at the ZGT hospital in Hengelo afterwards. Since 2006 he has performed approximately 1000 Mohs operations (frozen section technique) plus multiple operations using different 3D margin control techniques. In 2014 he finished his PhD on photodynamic therapy, which is a different treatment modality for certain skin cancers. Outside of medicine he also holds the title of International Master in chess”


Work Address

191 Stafford Road


Hokitika, 7882

New Zealand