Satish Lubeek


MD PhD, Dermatology, Dermatosurgery, Dermatohistology, Oncology



Mohs surgery, Tuebingen Torte and Muffin technique, Munich technique, Other non Mohs micrographic surgery



Dr. Lubeek has been working as a dermatologist at the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc; Nijmegen, the Netherlands) since 2017. He is specialized in management of patients with skin cancer, with a special focus on complex and/or rare tumors or situations and micrographically controlled surgery. Furthermore, he is the medical head of the multidisciplinary skin cancer unit in the Radboudumc. Next to his activities in patient care and management, he is conducting research as principal investigator with a special focus on personalized skin cancer care, especially in (frail) older patients and organization of skin cancer care.