Robert Gniadecki


MD, PhD, professor. Specialist in dermatology. 


Mohs surgery (frozen technique); Muffin technique


Robert Gniadecki received his MD degree from Warsaw Medical School (Poland) in 1991 and three years later he obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Copenhagen University (Denmark). In 2001 he became a specialist in dermatology (certified by the Danish National Board of Health and in Canada by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta). In 2010 was appointed as a full clinical professor at the Department of Dermatology at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen and in 2015 as a tenured professor of dermatology and medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr Gniadecki introduced Mohs surgery in Denmark and created the first Mohs facility in the country which grew to one of the largest centers in Scandinavia. He practices both the frozen section technique and slow Mohs (muffin technique). He is a director of the advanced skin surgery course offered at European Academy of Dermatology Annual meeting and the co-founder of the Nordic Course of Skin Surgery.

Dr Gniadecki is a member of EADV, AAD, CDA (Canadian Dermatology Association) and ISCL (International Society of Cutaneous Lymphomas). He is a member of several editorial boards including the JEADV, Frontiers In Medicine and Dermatology. He published >200 papers.