Michael Mühlstädt


  • Medical doctor (accreditation in Germany, Malawi and Switzerland)
  • Dermatologist and venereologist (certified by the Bayerische Landesärztekammer in Germany and the MEBEKO in Switzerland)
  • Specialisation in dermatosurgery including micrographic surgery since 2007
  • Micrographic surgery trainer


  • Micrographic surgery in the Munich technique
  • Margin control in the “spaghetti” technique
  • Classical dermatosurgery, including but not limited to benign and malignant tumours, hidradenitis suppurativa / acne inversa and medical circumcisions using reconstruction techniques like direct closure, flaps and grafts
  • Advanced wound care


  • Study of medicine at Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) Munich, Germany
  • Training in dermatology and venereology at Munich City Hospital in cooperation with the University Hospitals of Munich, Germany
  • Training in dermatosurgery including micrographic surgery with Prof. Dr. Christian Kunte at Munich City Hospital, Germany
  • Since 2013: Head of the dermatosurgery unit at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Switzerland