Judith Ostertag


MD, PHD,  dermatology qualifications: oncology, lasersurgery, dermatosurgery. Mohs trainer and certified Mohs surgeon. 


Mohs micrographic surgery, Tuebingen Torte and Muffin technique


Dr. Ostertag is a dermatologist specialized in cutaneous oncology and surgery at MOHSA Skin Cancer Centre, Netherlands. She is one of the most experienced mohs trainers and has trained lots of dermatologists in mohs surgery. 

Dr Ostertag is an active member of the Dutch Workforce Mohs Micrographic Surgery to improve the quality standards of mohs surgery in the Netherlands. Also for laser treatment she has great expertise, particularly in the medical field but also cosmetic.

Dr. Ostertag is closely involved of the national guidelines for laser treatments and member of the Dutch Workforce laser treatments. She has been chairman and member of the Dutch Committee Dermatosurgery and Lasers for 10 years. 

In 2006 she obtained her PhD. The title of her thesis is: Laser resurfacing in the treatment of potential malignant skin diseases. Just optical improvement?