Birgitte Visch


MD, PHD, dermatology qualifications: oncology, phlebology and work related allergy. Certified Mohs surgeon



Mohs micrographic surgery and Muffin technique



Since July 2000 Birgitte Visch works as a dermatologist at the Department of Dermatology at Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem. She did het residency at the University Hospital Maastricht governed by professor Martino Neumann, founder of Mohs’ surgery in the Netherlands.

In the hospital Rijnstate she is chairman of the weekly multidisciplinary skincancer team.
Since 2011 she is chairman and responsible for the residency training program of dermatologists in the Rijnstate hospital.

Birgitte is besides her involvement in skin cancer, questor of the board of Dutch Society of Dermatology (NVDV) and director of the Centre for workrelated allergies (CHA)