Beatriz Castro


Dermatologist, dermatosurgeon



Mohs surgery, Breuninger technique, Slow Mohs



  • Graduated in Medicine in 2006, specialised in Dermatology in 2011.
  • Dermatologist in Madrid from 2011 to 2014, specialising in dermatologic surgery, digital dermoscopy and melanoma management.
  • Dermatologist in Valdecilla Hospital, Santander, since 2015.
  • Fellowship from EADV in Mohs surgery in Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, in 2019, with more than 300 interventions as first surgeon.
  • Current member of the EADV, AEDV and the ESMS.
  • Responsible of the Mohs unit in Valdecilla Hospital since 2020
  • Private practice in Indermis clinic, Santander, Spain since 2017.