Membership of the ESMS is open to everyone who is either actively working within the field of micrographic surgery or who, for other reasons, has an interest in the field. There are three different membership categories: 

Certified member

(50 EUR/year)
All the specialists in Dermatology actively performing micrographic surgery according to the standards set by the association are eligible to become certified members. Certified members have full membership rights, including but not limited to the attendance of meetings and participation in the activities of the association. Provided that they are in good standing with the payment of the annual membership fees, they are entitled to vote at the general members meeting.

Associate member

(50 EUR/year)
Physicians with an interest in micrographic surgery can become associate members. They will receive information from the ESMS and will be able to participate in some courses and activities of the ESMS. They are required to pay a membership fee. They are not allowed to vote at the general meeting of members and they cannot be elected for a position in the board of directors. They shall not use their associate membership in materials of publicity. Residents or fellows willing to learn micrographic surgery who are in training in one of the centers officially recognized by the ESMS can become associate members until they fulfill the criteria for ordinary membership. Their membership fee is waived for the first two years.

Lab Technician member

(25 EUR/year)
Lab technicians who already perform frozen Mohs sections or have an interest in performing frozen Mohs sections are welcome to become a LT member. LT members are welcome to ESMS meetings, courses and activities. LT members are not allowed to vote at the general meeting of members and they cannot be elected for a position in the board other than LT board member.


To apply for ESMS membership, please fill in the form on the left side and inform which membership you are applying for. Looking forward to hear from you! 

For Associate members and Lab Technician members there are no specific criteria. You will receive a direct link to the membership database where you will be able to register and pay the membership fee.

For Certified members you need to meet the criteria for obtaining ESMS certification. Find more information below.


The criteria for obtaining ESMS certification to carry out Mohs surgery and for other forms of micrographic surgery are here.

To initiate your application for certified membership please download the following templates from the resources page: curriculum vitae, recommendation letter and case registration form.

These should be filled in and emailed to the ESMS Secretariat (

Your application will afterwards be sent to the ESMS board of directors for approval. New applications are reviewed every 3 months. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via email.